About Us

Who is Pure Jace? 

Pure Jace is a skincare brand created for men, by men. The men's skincare market has been long overlooked and regrettably, left many men to use products created for women and not formulated for a man's skin. 

Androgen (testosterone) stimulation causes an increase in skin thickness, which accounts for why a man's skin is about 25% thicker than a woman's. In addition to being thicker, a man's skin texture is tougher and needs products specifically formulated for his skin.  And that's why Pure Jace was created...to provide men with skincare products created specifically for men.   All of our products are formulated to match the optimal pH levels for men’s skin (5.5-6.5pH).

Ever wonder why there is a hummingbird in the Pure Jace logo? 

Keep reading to find out more about how this magical bird relates to the vision and goal behind Pure Jace.

Hummingbirds are often associated with integrity, strength, healing, and the need to help others.  It is the bird that can fly backward, change directions, and get accustomed to life's changes when needed.  The hovering movement of the Hummingbird is an inspiring and compelling message about being in the moment and enjoying the sweet nectar of life. 

We've realized one of the most calming things you can do for yourself is to be compassionate with yourself and slow down.  What better way to start than by giving your skin the nourishment and support it needs? 

Our vision at Pure Jace has always been to provide skincare products that instill confidence and a sense of self.  We realize this embodiment first starts from within and requires a solid connection to your physical, emotional, and spiritual self.    

Our goal is to provide skincare products leveraging cutting-edge science and the nourishing properties of nature to deliver the most potent formulations in men's skincare.  Made with premium ingredients sourced worldwide, Pure Jace products are vegan, cruelty-free, and never contain any parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or talc.   

Are you long overdue for a little time for yourself?  Why not start now? 

We hope that our products help you to discover the essence of your being, your power within, and enjoy life's nectar.  After all, we could all learn a thing or two from the Hummingbird.